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A Guide to RGB Lighting

A Guide to Outdoor RGB Lighting

Used in the right way RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lighting can be very effective in creating stunning lighting effects to bring focal points and water features to life.  There is a common misconception that RGB lighting can look tacky, but using Elipta’s RGB & CCT (correlated colour temperature) range of fittings and lamps offer a wide range of control to allow creative lighting techniques to bring your garden to life.

At Lighting For Gardens we stock a useful range of Elipta RGB + CCT Floodlights, spotlights, GU10 and MR16 lamps, along with A range of remote options to help you control your lights and give you the freedom to choose between sixteen million colours, colour saturation, warm white to cool white control and dimming.

The use of Elipta RGB+CCT products allows you to have for example warm white lighting around your patio to give a comfortable, welcoming feeling around your entertainment area controlled by circuit one, and cooler white lighting on that statue or focal point at the bottom of the garden to add a dramatic effect that draws the interest of your guests on circuit two, led along a path to the statue using the third circuit to dimly light the way to the statue, and at the same time not detracting from the drama created at the bottom of the garden. 

RGB statue lighting colours


Lighting Trees with RGB 

Lighting trees with a single colour can be over powering. You can soften the effect by using two light sources, setting one light to the colour of your choice and the other to a white colour, this technique softens the coloured lighting on the tree and at the same time picks out individual branches drawing the interest of the viewer.

Using colour lighting allows you to select a mix of colours to suit your requirements, whether it be selecting colours that highlights the seasonal changes, your mood or to mimic the ambient lighting around you.

This is all possible using Elipta Elipta RGB + CCT FloodlightsspotlightsGU10 and MR16 lamps.

RGB Tree Lighting Guide


 Unlit rows of trees are not very visible in the evening and blend into their surroundings. Trees lit with warm white lighting give a warmer, cosy feel whilst trees lit with a cool white temperature give a more modern, wintery feel. Trees can be lit with green, going into a more yellow colour as they get further away. You can also change the colour saturation on trees that are nearer or further away to alter the effect. It's also an option to get creative and use different colours on each tree!


Tree lighting guide


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Posted by Lighting For Gardens on: Jul 11, 2019 10:45:00 AM