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Aluminium garden lights

Aluminium is a robust material which is generally the lowest cost option for garden lighting, such as the Elipta Compact spike spotlight range or the Plug& Play Corona. Aluminium lighting is usually powder coated rather than painted as this finish is durable and more cost effective in manufacture. While black is the traditional colour for much cast aluminium lighting, green is popular to hide amongst low planting and rustic brown is often used for woody settings. Other colours may be specified for the Elipta wall spotlight, such as white which is popular for lighting outside conservatories and from soffits, or the titanium anodised finish of the Carina which provides a budget alternative to stainless steel in modern settings.

Compact rustic brown spike spotlight is a discreet finish for use in borders   Compact green spike mount exterior spotlight for gardens   Compact white wall mount exterior spotlight for conservatories and gardens   Compact wall mount exterior twin spotlight for wide area downlighting of terraces and entrances can use low-energy fluorescent lamp options.   Compact low voltage pole mount spotlight in rustic brown powder-coated aluminium   low voltage black budget spike spotlight for gardens

Elipta’s high quality Compact spike spotlights are available in 240v GU10 versions in black and dark green (which is especially unobtrusive amongst planting): Using LED lamps in a Compact spike spotlight is an effective way of reducing energy consumption. 12v MR16 Compact spike spotlights include the single spike spotlights in black and dark green, as well as the E4171N rustic brown spotlight which can be converted to a strap-mounting tree spotlight for "Moonlighting" down from trees. A finned Ground anchor is available for corrosion-proof location in alkaline soils. The black Microspot Spike provides a miniature option for location in urns, planters and small planting pockets. For use amongst taller planting the Pole Spot Solo Compact low voltage pole mount spotlight in rustic brown powder-coated aluminium is a popular choice.

Recessed uplights are often specified because burying the light in the ground seems the best way of uplighting a subject without seeing the light source: uplighting a tree growing out of a lawn area with a flush recessed uplight will enable mowing to be carried out without the risk of light damage or trip hazard which would be implicit with a spike-mounted uplight for the same role.

The Modula range includes green powder-coated aluminium recessed lights especially designed for installation in lawns.

Universal spike spot is a versatile budget-priced product: it is made from cast aluminium, complete with a finned ground spike and a screw-lockable adjustment knuckle to help hold the fitting in position despite gardening and children’s games, and is fitted with a glare guard as standard. 


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