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Black Garden Lights

Black is the traditional colour for much cast aluminium lighting and is the choice for those who believe black is the most recessive colour in the garden (though that depends on what colour or material the background or surroundings are). Black is often specified where a house features black windows, beams or rainwater goods or if it is a traditional Victorian style. Both Elipta’s COMPACT , MICROSPOT  and CORONA spike spotlight ranges feature a range of black options, as does the Nebula spreadlights and Elipta Compact bollard light The Atlantus underwater light is available in black in plain rim, glare shield and eyelid versions and has a range of spike, base and extended stem mounts for under water lighting use.

12v black spreadlight for lighting paths and steps   12v black up / down light   Small black spike mount bollard light is available in low voltage and mains voltage versions for illumination of garden paths, terraces and driveways   E2531 underwater light combines the robustness of brass with a black finish   E4231 COMPACT outdoor wall spotlights are available in black in both low voltage and mains voltage versions, with matching glare shield, downlight and twin wall spotlight options


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