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Copper garden lights

Copper garden lights typically weather to a mottled brown finish to blend with brickwork, bark mulch, woody planting and timber. Weathered copper spreadlights such as the Domo are the most popular of this type of light fitting as their weathered appearance looks much more natural in the garden than any other metal or painted finish, while Elipta’s Compact spotlight range covers all the mounting options for a matching copper scheme: this can also include matching recessed steplights, including models with a plain front  with no visible fixing screws. 

Domo 12v weathered copper spreadlight for lighting paths and steps  Compact low voltage copper wall spotlight weathers naturally in the garden  Decorative copper hanging downlight has a perforated barrel to provide a 'firefly' effect  Pergolight copper hanging downlight for lighting pergolas, arbours, arches and gazebos  Pole mount copper spotlight for crosslighting ground level features or uplighting from amongst planting  Navigator Maxor - Copper - 12v - Warm White LED - Round  Compact Outdoor Wall Downlight - Copper - 12v MR16

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