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Deck Lights and Lighting for Decking

Deck Lights and Lighting for Decking

When you ask about deck lighting or deck lights, do you mean putting lights into your decking or providing illumination onto your deck?

This page tells you about deck lights - the first option. Lighting onto and around the deck can be done with bollard lights or spreadlights lighting around the area, step lights set into flanking walls or under seats to wash across the deck, moonlighting from tree spotlights, or downlights and hanging lights on pergolas beams to highlight a seating or dining area. Look at the pages for those products. For uplighting areas and features look at the page on recessed uplights for a few tips.

12v modern brushed chrome spreadlight for lighting decking, paths and steps  Navigator Mono - Stainless Steel - 12v - White LED - Round   Microspot Down - Stainless Steel - 12v   Low voltage hanging downlight for garden structures, gazebos, pergolas and arbours  

Lights in a deck are usually concerned with outlining the shape to create an illuminated pattern at night. Small, low power l.e.d. deck lights are the best - use ones with a frosted lens (to protect the led from scuffing and soften the sometimes piercing appearance of the l.e.d.’s light from within the fitting) and a chamfered edge so there is less to stub your toe on. All our deck lights are made in 316 grade stainless steel, not to be confused with cheaper deck light kits where the brown spots will give away their inferior quality in just a few weeks.

Elipta’s Navigator round led lights are 12v miniature recessed deck lights in three sizes to fit any application and offer white l.e.d.’s, tiny power consumption and “cool touch” operation. They can all be arranged in custom layouts using cable joint kits and 1.5mm cable supplied by the reel, which is more flexible than kit-type products. The front bezel of the Navigator recessed lights can be removed to allow insertion of theatrical colour gels for variety of lighting effect or warmer colour appearance. The smaller, Navigator Minor single l.e.d. deck lights in the range are the type recommended as miniature lights for step risers, spaced at 300-600mm apart. Or, to create a lighting pattern around your deck, use the larger Navigator Mono or Navigator Maxor higher power model:

  • start by positioning lights near the corners of a (usually rectangular or octagonal) deck
  • continue by placing lights near each balustrade or pergola post to form a regular pattern
  • Complete the pattern by filling in with lights at 800-1200mm spacings

Recessed stainless steel round led deck light with white led   Navigator Mono - Copper - 12v - White LED - Round   Navigator Maxor - Stainless Steel - 12v - White LED - Round   Lumilux  - Warm White 8w Recessed Light With Frosted Lens   Lumini - Warm White 0.3w Deck Light With Frosted Lens 

Navigator Maxor is the largest of the Navigator led range and is generally used for lighting across deck steps, but may be used for bolder designs where higher brightness may be required. These larger models use the high output “CREE” 1w led, which is available in a choice of high brightness white light output – recommended for very modern garden designs with glass, water and metal finishes - or warm white, which can be more suitable when mixed with halogen spotlighting in an area.

All Navigators are available in natural copper and stainless steel, providing unprecedented choice in matching to landscape materials.

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