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L.E.D. Lighting

LED lighting uses light emitting diodes instead of a filament or discharge lamp to provide the light source. It is an electronic device which may use one higher power led on its own, or a cluster of lower power led’s in an array. l.e.d.’s are popular for the small size of light which can be made for garden and deck lighting applications. Their long life and low energy consumption makes them a practical choice where lighting is switched on regularly for long periods and low-energy sustainable garden lighting is required. They are typically electronic assemblies which are sealed inside a garden or outdoor light for life, or they are modules which have standard lamp pins to fit into garden lights with the same type of halogen lampholder. White led’s suit outlining around a deck and similar modern garden lighting settings where the crisp coolness of a white led provides a striking effect. Where the garden is more traditional and a mellow lighting effect is required or where led lighting is being mixed with halogen lighting in an area, using warm white led’s may be a better choice as they give a warmer colour of light more similar to halogen lamps. The downside is that warm white led’s are about a fifth less bright on average than equivalent white led’s.

Elipta’s NAVIGATOR range is a typical example of l.e.d. application in recessed lights for decks and paving. They offer a choice of blue, white or warm white or white l.e.d.’s featuring low power consumption and “cool touch” operation with a 316 stainless steel, copper or brass top. Find out more about how to use these in the section on Deck Lights. Deck lights typically incorporate led’s from low power 0.3w for small-scale applications such as setting into the risers of steps, up to high output led’s consuming 2w which give a bright effect around a deck. These use an led with a nominal rating of 1 watt but they are actually made to give a higher output by taking a higher current – think of it in the same way that the capacity of a car engine is no complete guide to its power, as so many technologies can boost its performance characteristics beyond a basic specification. That’s why the Eye version of Navigator is bright enough to make a useful steplight. The led’s sealed into these lights all have a life expectancy of thousands of hours, so if you calculate that keeping your garden lighting on for 3 hours every night is roughly equivalent to 1000 hours, the question about life becomes ”will your deck last as long as the lights?”

Navigator Minor Recessed stainless steel led deck light with white led   Navigator Recessed copper led deck light with white led   Navigator Recessed Stainless Steel led deck light with white led   Navigator Eye Recessed copper led eyelid step light with warm white led   GU10 mains voltage led lamp is an alternative to 240v halogen spotlamps

Led lamps are the equivalent of halogen reflector lamps which can be fitted to 12v MR11 or MR16 garden lights or 240v outdoor lights - just think of them as "led bulbs"!. They typically save up to 50-80% energy compared with halogen lamps and have an average life of 30,000-50,000 hours, so they do not require the same periodic replacement as halogen lamps do. Elipta’s low voltage led lamps provide high efficiency light output in a beam angle of about 35 degrees and can be powered from a 12v transformer which is at least 60% loaded to provide voltage regulation, or from a 12v dc power supply. They can be fitted at first installation or retrofitted later to reduce energy consumption (provided that the transformer is compatible in the case of 12v lamps.) 240v l.e.d lamps are also available as an alternative to 240v halogen spotlamps. While most of these led lamps are the same size as an equivalent halogen lamp, the higher power MR16 and GU10 lamps may be slightly larger and fit only in Elipta Compact spike spotlights and products such as PATILO's Corona spike- and Carina wall-mount spotlights which have been developed for this application. Always check the listing of lamps recommended for each fitting to avoid the risk of ordering a lamp which is too large. 

Combine aesthetic lighting with economic practicality, with our wide range of high performance, long life LED lamps designed for exterior lights. Choose from a wide selection of MR11 & MR16 low voltage outdoor LED lights; 30-60° beam angles, warm white to cool white, and varying levels of brightness/lumen outputs. For coloured lighting effects use clip-on, blue or red dichroic filters – perfect for adding drama to water features or bringing out the most in modern garden materials such as glass or stainless steel.

The increasing availability of reliable higher-power led's  means there is now more choice of recessed, spot and flood lights with an integral led light source - that is a light with a built-in non-replaceable led or led array. The integral fitting of an led light source usually achieves better heat management to increase the longevity of the led light source, as well as increasing the lighting power available from a small fitting. Elipta's Titan range of 10w and 26w led spotlights and the FloodLED 30w led floodlight are good examples of 240v led lights. PATILO's Plug & Play garden lighting range includes several good examples of low voltage led garden lights, all interconnected with transformers, extension cables and installation accessories using a standard weatherproof connector plug for safe and easy garden lighting installation. The range includes Plug & Play deck lights and led underwater lights with 5m cables and a range of mounting options to make them suitable for above-water use as well. Some of PATILO's Plug & Play garden lighting range consists of lights which use replaceable led lamps instead of integral led light sources, including Corona spike- and Carina wall-mount spotlights, Aries 12v wall lights for garden structures and pergolas, and Orion low voltage garden bollard lights

 PATILO Plug & Play garden and underwater spotlight   PATILO Plug & Play recessed led garden light    PATILO Plug & Play recessed led deck light with warm white led   Aries 12v light for pergolas and garden structures   Orion low voltage garden bollard light


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