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Tree Spotlights

Trees can be good lighting platforms in relation to shrub borders, as well as a way of lighting terraces, driveways, paths, steps and seating areas. A favourite technique is "moonlighting" down from low power lights fixed in a tree to shadow the lower branches and foliage onto the ground below. This provides a wonderfully subtle, dappled lighting effect over a tree seat and is also a creative way of integrating the lawn into the lighting scene or lighting a path or drive in a rural garden. For moonlighting, or if you are spotlighting a feature from a tree, use the Elipta E4171N COMPACT spike spotlight with tree-mounting accessories to derive a discreet tree spot on a tree or surface mount.

Elipta E4171 strap-on tree mount spotlight combination can be used to strap 2 or 3 spotlights together Elipta E4171 screw-on tree mount spotlight combination with E4012 screw-on tree mount Elipta E4171 screw-on tree mount spotlight combination with E4012 screw-on tree mount

The longer body of ELIPTA Compact spotlights hides the light source from view: the rustic brown powder-coat finish blends well with tree bark while black is sometimes preferred as the most recessive colour. You may like to experiment with a pale blue “moonlighting” filter to provide the cool light of the moon instead of the more golden light of an unfiltered lamp. The strap-on tree mount comes with a choice of 5 lengths of mounting strap as the kindest way to fix small lights to a tree without screws.

Hanging lights can also be used in smaller trees to provide pools of light and decorative sparkle over a patio area. Low wattage 3w LED lamps with wide beam angles are generally best for moonlighting unless you need brighter lighting for a particular reason.

Rustic brown low voltage decorative hanging downlight with perforated barrel for a   Copper low voltage hanging downlight for garden structures, gazebos, pergolas and arbours   Pergolight - Silver - 12v   Low voltage decorative hanging downlight in natural copper will weather for a natural look in garden structures, gazebos, pergolas and arbours

PERGOLIGHT hanging downlights are available in natural copper and silver finishes. MOONRAY decorative downlights with perforated barrels provide pinpricks of lights through the side to complement a downward beam - a fun way to add lighting around a woodland walk or terrace area.

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