How to Locate Products

Our products are split up into categories to help you find appropriate items - for example, uplights, downlights and underwater lights; mouse over a category from the top menu to start browsing. Place your mouse over the categories and a drop down menu will apppear showing all the sub-categories available; click on a sub-category heading that is of interest to you, making the full selection of relevant garden lighting products appear

The Search facility in the box at the top of the screen allows you to search the entire site by simply entering a keyword or product code. For example, if you type 'deck' into the search box, it will return a list of items that match, such as recessed deck lights, and lights which can be used around a deck. The simpler your keywords, the broader the result.

Once you have found your product, click on  the product photo or "View Details" box for more details. From this detail page you can also see links to similar products, relevant lamps installation materials and accessories.

You can also find individual products by browsing the advice sections of our web site - scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find links to the Buyer's Guide, which is a guide to garden lighting products, and the Lighting Design Guide, which provides advice on achieving garden lighting effects. Both guides include links to featured products