At Lighting for Gardens we firmly believe that our Elipta Lighting range is the market leader for quality and value. We often receive enquiries asking what the difference is between our products and cheaper examples available online...

Elipta High Quality Wall Lights

Cheaper Lights sold on the internet:

At first glance these fittings look good and the price is very appealing, making it look like a good way to keep costs to a minimum.  The reality is these fittings more than likely have several design flaws which sooner or later will cause the fittings to fail and this in turn will result in added electrician costs for repair and possibly replacement fitting which will nullify the money saved on buying cheaper fittings in the first place.  Good technical help may not be available.
Elipta Lights:

Good quality light fittings refined over the years to make the fittings reliable, and designed for maintenance to be carried out with ease.  The best quality cable and seals are used and unlike most cheap fittings, the cable is glanded to allow for rewiring in the event of cable damaged by garden tools or squirrels and foxes