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Buyer's Guide

Creative garden lighting design and planning a garden lighting system is about understanding and using lighting ideas and effects in the garden – a stunning night-time garden without seeing the lights by night, and if possible by day as well. Before making your garden lighting plan, start by visiting the garden lighting design section, understand how lighting ideas can be applied in your garden, decide your garden lighting effects - then we can help you make your choice of garden lights and plan your garden lighting system.

Good garden lighting depends upon correct positioning of garden lights, and selecting the correct lamp (bulb) type, wattage and coverage or beam angle – use the Help and Tips sheets to understand some of these choices a bit more. Then move on to choosing the garden lights that will house the lamps (bulbs) in the right way to do their job properly and reliably. Except where they are chosen specifically to make a design statement, outdoor lights should be hidden or camouflaged wherever possible, so look for ones that can be recessed, small or in a finish that blends in with the surroundings.

You can also find out more about transformers, cabling and some of the installation issues arising in planning garden lighting systems - look at Help and Tips sheets to understand some of these subjects a bit more.

For information on types of garden lights, click here or select the menu option on the left. This section helps you to understand the characteristics of all different types of garden lights, whether they are for path lighting, underwater lighting or uplighting trees

For information on lights in particular finishes or metals, click here or select the menu option on the left. This will help you to put together a garden lighting scheme using lights in a similar finish, and to understand weathering characteristics of outdoor garden lights