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Elipta Compact Spike Spotlight - Black - 240v GU10

Elipta Compact Spike Spotlight - Black - 240v GU10

Product No: E4132N

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One of our best selling outdoor garden compact Spike Spotlight - Black - 240v GU10
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    Elipta 3 Pole IP68 In-Line Cable Connector

    Elipta 3 Pole IP68 In-Line Cable Connector 'Y' Split

  • Product Overview
  • The Elipta Compact Spike Spotlight (black) is typically used for spotlighting focal points, uplighting shrubs and small trees and has proved a popular choice for landscape lighting. Black powder-coated aluminium is a traditional recessive colour choice for garden settings and the 240v models utilise GU10 lamps which means there is no need for a transformer. This garden light is an LED spot light that has a flush glass lens which sheds water and leaf litter. Choose a 3w or 5w warm white LED lamp to uplight pergola columns or an RGB colour changing LED lamp (with free phone app) to completely change the ambience of your garden at night.
    Colour/Finish: Black powder-coated aluminium
    IP Rating: IP65
    Construction: The spotlight body is made from solid metal tube and is mounted on an adjustable knuckle joint and 25cm round rod mounting spike. Unscrewing the front bezel makes it easy to change the lamp without tools
    Input Voltage: 240v volts
    Lamp Type: GU10 240v L.E.D. lamp - Order lamps separately (Max LED size 72mm not including pins.)

    2 metres of 3 core cable fitted for connection into a weatherproof junction box.

    Using a single RCD for large numbers of 240v fittings is not recommended due to the risk of nuisance tripping. We advise the use of separate RCD protection for each circuit and a maximum of 12 fittings per RCD. Where a garden lighting installation of more than 12 spike mount or recessed lights per circuit is proposed, we suggest the installation of 12v units with transformers, which results in a significantly higher fault tolerance and reliability in the total installation


    Clip-on Frosted Lens

    Clip-on Colour Filters

    Compact Spotlight Ground Anchor 

    58mm Honeycomb Glare Louvre

    Elipta Extended Spotlight Spike - Black

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