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Elipta Copper Grease Sachet 30cc

Elipta Copper Grease Sachet 30cc

Product No: T9967

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Durable lubricant for screw threads
  • Product Overview
  • To facilitate removal of screws for future relamping or other maintenance, apply Elipta Copper Grease Sachet 30CC to the threads of all screws being fitted for retention of bezels or other top plates or retaining rings. Copper grease resists degradation due to heat and protects against difficulty in removing screws, particularly where stainless steel screws are fitted with aluminium parts, such as the Modula, Olympus, Delphi and other lights. It may also be used on screw threads of screw-off bezels. Ensure surplus is cleaned off with a solvent to prevent staining in use.
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