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Elipta Atlantus II Underwater Light - Brass

Elipta Atlantus II Underwater Light - Brass

Product No: EG3505

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Elipta Atlantus II Underwater Light - Brass
  • Product Overview
  • EG3505 Atlantus II is a robust, low voltage, IP68 underwater spotlight in solid brass. It will take a range of different MR16 LEDs up to 8 watts, to achieve the perfect brightness, colour temperature and light spread. And this light can be mounted on to a base, spike mount or structure using the stirrup bracket. With most MR16 lamps there is enough space to fit an optional internal honeycomb glare louvre or colour filter. It has a 5 metre cable attached which is long enough to make connections away from the pond or water feature in most cases. But there is an IP68 T9966 underwater connector available if you need to make connections in the water. This is an old-fashioned tried and tested design which should last forever if you give it some occasional TLC.

    IP rating



    Pressure die-cast solid brass construction with stainless steel fixings.


    12v ac/dc

    Lamp Type



    Mount on base or spike or fix directly using stirrup bracket. Purchase spike or base separately. Remove front bezel to fit lamp and re-tighten screws evenly to ensure trouble free operation. Grease screw threads. This light requires a 12 volt ac transformer or 12v constant voltage dc power supply.



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