Patilo MR16 Lamp 250lm 3000K Warm White 36°

Patilo MR16 Lamp 250lm 3000K Warm White 36°

Product No: PMR16-250-36°-30K

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Patilo MR16-250-36°-30K MR16 250lm 3000K Warm White 36° LED
  • Product Overview
  • PMR16-250-36°-30K is a 250lm warm white (3000K) LED lamp that consumes 3w when powered by a constant voltage DC power supply, or 5w when powered by a wire-wound (magnetic) transformer. It has an output of 250lm and a beam angle of 36° for uplighting shrubs or downlighting around a terrace. This non-dimmable LED has a life expectancy of 25,000 hours.

    3w on constant voltage power supply.
    5w on wire-wound (magnetic) transformer.

    Lumens: 250lm, roughly equivalent to a 25w halogen
    Colour Temp: Warm white 3000K
    Input Voltage: 12v AC/DC
    Lamp Type: MR16
    Dimmable : No
    Dimensions : 45mm high including pins and lens 50mm diameter
  • More Information
  • Beam Angle 36 degrees
    Lamp Colour 3000K warm white
    Light output 250 lumens
    Voltage 12v AC/DC
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