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Elipta Spartan Recessed Tilt Up-light

Elipta Spartan Recessed Tilt Up-light

Product No: E99200WWG

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Spartan 26w Adjustable Recessed Light 240v Warm White - Green Top Ring
  • Product Overview
  • Spartan recessed uplight combine a cool top lens, long lamp life and energy efficiency for uplighting small to medium trees from lawns or paving. Spartan provides a powerful 36° uplighting beam, with up to 20 degree tilt, using 1x 26 watt COB LED , while maintaining a typical top lens temperature of under 40 degrees C - so Spartan can be used even in walkover areas to uplight trees with an open canopy and branch structure from directly below.

    The shallow depth and no need to enter the Spartan fitting for lamp installation or replacement make it quick and easy to fit unlike its metal halide cousins. The dark non-reflective interior means less light refraction through the lens to give away its position in the landscape. Spartan has a green powdercoated 316 stainless steel lens rim, a cast aluminium body and a polymer sleeve for recessing into the ground. To facilitate removal of screws for maintenance, apply copper grease to the threads of all screws being fitted for retention of bezels, grills or other top plates or retaining rings.

    Copper grease resists degradation due to heat and protects against difficulty in removing screws, particularly where stainless steel screws are fitted with aluminium parts. It may also be used on screw threads of screw-off bezels or glare shields. Ensure surplus is cleaned off with a solvent to prevent staining.

    Colour/Finish: Green powdercoated 316 grade stainless steel top plate
    IP Rating: IP67
    Construction: Cast aluminium body with borosilicate glass lenses, stainless steel top ring is attached to tubular aluminium body. 2m cable via rear entry cable gland and plastic soil sleeve.
    Input Voltage: 240v
    Colour Temperature 3000K

    Direct burial in the ground: prewired with rubber cable and 20mm IP68 gland for connection to mains supply via a separate underground joint kit (order T9969 separately). Provide 300mm depth of shingle drainage below the uplight: do not use in waterlogged ground.

    Using a single RCD for large numbers of 240v fittings is not recommended due to the risk of nuisance tripping. We advise the use of separate RCD protectioin for each circuit and a maximum of 12 fittings per RCD. Where a garden lighting installation of more than 12 units with transformers, which results in a significantly higher fault tolerance and reliability in the total installation

    Accessories: The top section can unscrew to allow the insertion of theatrical coloured gels enable you to customise your garden lightin
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