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Filters and Lenses

Garden lighting can be made more subtle, colourful or glare free by the addition of optional lenses or filters in outdoor spotlights, recessed garden lights and exterior downlights.

Internal honeycomb glare louvres reduce the visibility of the lamp within the garden spotlight, exterior downlight, steplight or uplight and help to avoid glare around paths, patios and viewpoints; they prevent the front of the lamp being seen directly from outside the maximum 60 degree halogen beam angle. They are recommended for use in spotlights near to deck, path and patio areas where reducing the visibility of the light source aids visual comfort and helps to hide the light’s source within the scene. The honeycomb mesh has an open area of 95% to minimise loss of light output. Elipta’s 58mm E4010 honeycomb lenses features a 4mm hexagonal cell and 3mm thickness for close control of glare in COMPACT MR16/GU10 spotlights, which are designed with extra space to accommodate them as a push fit into the front lens bezel, still leaving space behind for a clip-on colour filter if required. MICROSPOT MR11 spotlights have a similar E4011 honeycomb glare louvre option

Part NumberDiameterThicknessCell sizeDesigned for lights listed below
E4010 58mm 3mm 4mm Elipta MR16 COMPACT spotlights, SMOOTHIE steplights & WAYMARKERS.  
E4011 35mm 3mm 4mm Elipta MR11 MICROSPOT spotlights
MR16AHL* 53mm 4mm 4mm Clip-on filter for other MR16 underwater and MODULA recessed lights

MR16AHL* is a 50mm black clip-on honeycomb glare filter usually fitted onto the front of an MR16 lamp in fittings such as MODULA 12 volt recessed lights and MR16 underwater lights. It is a general purpose louvre only 3mm thick and with a 4mm cell size, requiring 6mm space for fitting between the lamp and lens of the light. MR16AZHL is a silver grey honeycomb filter which is sometimers preferred in stainless steel lights. Clip-on filters may be fitted to some 240v GU10 lamps is they have a flat front lens: however most GU10 lamps have a curved front lens which means clip-on filters cannot be fitted securely

Frosted lenses reduce the visibility of the lamp within a garden spotlight, underwater light, steplight or uplight, aiding visual comfort around paths, patios and viewpoints. They are recommended for use in garden spotlights lighting down onto seating, dining, deck, and patio areas. They also soften and widen the beam from a spotlight or underwater light so that the shape of the beam is less visible – the light tapers off rather than ending in a circular beam.  Most exterior spotlight products feature bonded lenses as part of their design, so it is not possible to remove a clear lens and replace it with a frosted one. For these garden lights the MR16AFL clip-on frosted lens may be fitted onto a 12 volt MR16 12 volt lamp if the light has been designed with sufficient internal space to accommodate them; it requires 6mm space for fitting between the lamp and lens of the light. Elipta COMPACT spotlights are amongst these products. Clip-on filters may be fitted to some 240v GU10 lamps is they have a flat front lens: however most GU10 lamps have a curved front lens which means clip-on filters cannot be fitted securelyThe clip may be removed for insertion in front of the MR16 lamp in some other fittings. Other clip-on 50mm lenses and colour filters available are listed below:

Colour filters can create stunning lighting effects when used in combination with suitable materials. Standard colours include;

MR16ABDF Blue dichroic filter is more efficient for blue accent lighting which makes water look fresh and creates vivid displays with water, glass and stainless steel
MR16ACDF Champagne dichroic filter provides a mellow alternative to white light
MR16AGDF Green dichroic filter can enliven dull foliage
MR16AMDF Moonlighting filter is pale blue, providing a cooler colour of lighting for the “moonlighting” effect .
MR16ARDF Red dichroic filter - when you need a fiery glow.
MR16AYDF yellow filter gives a freshness to some white subjects, such as the bark of a silver birch.

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