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Brendon Manggos, technical sales manager at Lighting for Gardens talks about Elipta lights; product highlights and cheap imitations

At first glance, we can all be drawn in by cheap outdoor light fittings that look good and photograph well.  The reality is these fittings more than likely have several design flaws, which sooner or later will cause the outdoor LED light to fail. Experienced, qualified electricians don’t come cheap either, and any initial savings made at point of purchase can soon be wiped out by repeat call out costs for repair and possibly a replacement fitting. Good technical help right from the start ensures you choose the right exterior light with the correct power supply, beam angle and output for the job


Elipta Outdoor Lights

Good quality light fittings refined over the years to make the fittings reliable, and designed for maintenance to be carried out with ease.  The best quality cable and seals are used and unlike most cheap fittings, the cable is glanded to allow for rewiring in the event of cable damaged by garden tools or squirrels and foxes


Spike spot key features

  1. Flush lens, allows water to shed off the lens which prevents pooling which could cause fitting to leak or the pooling water can leave a white chalky crust which will reduce light output.
  2. Good seal around the lens.
  3. The use of good quality metals, Aluminium, natural copper and 316 stainless steel.
  4. Body design make lamp and lamp holder changing easy and allows for easy rewiring should the external cable get damaged by garden tools and vermin such as squirrels and foxes.
  5. Glanded cable entry makes rewiring easy and improves IP rating.
  6. Spike arrangement allows use of different spikes and the standard spike is longer than low cost fittings which allows a more stable installation.
  7. Supplied with a longer cable than lower cost fitting, which gives the installer more flexibility and easier to hide transformers for low voltage versions.
     Good quality silicone “O” rings which last longer and are less prone to perishing.