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Elipta LED lamps provide the same warm white as halogen lamps and offer an energy saving of over 80%

Elipta LED lamps carry a 2 year guarantee

We list the lamp efficiency in total Lumens

Choose from a selection of warm white LED lamps measured in Kelvins (2700K being warm, and 6000K much cooler)

There are lots of different lamps on the market. Elipta lamps have been specially selected for their suitability to Elipta lights. The dimensions of the lamp (GU10’s vary considerably in length), the heat they give off, the colour rendering, choice of beam angle (36˚, 60˚ or 120˚) and their life expectancy must all be considered.

Select your Elipta outdoor light fitting, then choose the most appropriate lamp for your garden lighting from the list of ‘Lamps suitable for this product’

Elipta 13w Fluorescent Spotlamp - 240v GU10 - Warm White

£5.00 (exc vat) £6.00 (inc vat)
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13w wide beam fluorescent spotlamp is equivalent in light output to a 50w GU10 halogen lamps Read More