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Elipta Lumimax RGB - RGB Recessed Light with Frosted Lens

Elipta Lumimax RGB - RGB Recessed Light with Frosted Lens

Product No: GLRGB24W

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24w colour changing recessed uplight
  • Product Overview
  • The Lumimax RGB is a recessed uplight with a chamfered 316 stainless steel top, a brushed finish and nine RGB LEDs providing light output equivalent to a 50w halogen lamp with colour filter. It has a frosted lens and provides a focused 30 degree beam for uplighting trees and grazing facades or walls.

    This garden light is designed for easy installation with the minimum amount of tools with the Elipta plug & play transformers, connectors, extension cables and junction boxes. It can provide automatic colour-changing lighting or a single colour light output and is IP68 rated for use in water features: if the supply circuit is switched off instead of using the remote control button 2 to switch off, the same colour mode selection will automatically be selected when the supply circuit is switched on the next time. In this way the remote control can be used to set up a colour mode which is intended to be used repeatedly without having to select colour mode by using the remote control in line-of-sight to the RGB lights every time they are used. Colour change synchronization of several lights over an extended period of illumination is not possible with plug & play RGB lights.

    IP rating

    IP68 with IP44 cable connector


    Aluminium body with spring locating clips, plastic mounting sleeve and chamfered 316 stainless steel top with brushed finish secured by 4 torx screws.


    GLMCL remote controller accessory is required to programme and control Plug&Play RGB lights: purchase GLMCL separately


    12v AC 25w max: requires power from an Elipta Plug&Play transformer

    Light source

    Nine CREE led’s: 3 RED, 3 GREEN, 3 BLUE

    Light output

    400 lumens (Equivalent to a 50w halogen lamp with colour filter)

    Beam angle

    30 degrees


    5m input cable with male IP44 2-pin input connector to plug into a Plug&Play transformer, extension cable, connector or junction box: an IP68 connection may be achieved by using either the GLWJB IP68 junction box or GLWCC waterproof cable connector. Spring clip locates in an 85-95mm hole drilled in decking and paving or the plastic mounting sleeve supplied for installation in soil or masonry.



    For use with the Elipta Plug&Play transformers, connectors, extension cables and junction boxes.



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