Outdoor wall spotlights

240v or 12v - IP65 adjustable LED spotlights with glare protection, choice of beam angles and clip-on colour filters. Ideal for downlighting terraces, grazing walls and accent lighting features. 240v models accept GU10 LED lamps. 12v versions use MR16 LED lamps

Please remember to buy a 12v transformer with all of these products
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Elipta Compact Outdoor Wall Spotlight - Stainless Steel - 12v MR16

£80.00 (exc vat) £96.00 (inc vat)
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Elipta compact outdoor wall spotlight is an adjustable 12v wall or post mount spotlight for downlighting Read More

Elipta Microspot Outdoor Wall Spotlight- Stainless Steel - 12v MR11

£55.00 (exc vat) £66.00 (inc vat)
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Elipta Microspot outdoor wall light is a miniature adjustable 12v wall spotlight typically used for spotlighting small focal points or downlighting from arbours or pergolas Read More