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Elipta Tree Strap - Black - 31"" / 775mm

Elipta Tree Strap - Black - 31"" / 775mm

Product No: E4033

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Stretches up to 135cm to fit 26-42cm diameter branches when used with Elipta strap-on tree mount spotlights
  • Product Overview
  • E4033 Tree strap allows you to convert Compact 12v MR16 and 240v GU10 & Microspot miniature 12v MR11 spike spotlights to adjustable tree mounted spotlight typically used for moonlighting and downlighting from trees. Elipta tree spotlights include the bracket required for the version ordered.
    Free strap with each Tree mounted spotlight ordered. Please add strap of your choice separately at Checkout in Special Delivery Instructions
    Colour/Finish: Black
    Strap Length 31"/775mm with a max stretch of 53.1"/1350mm to fit tree trunks with a diameter of 26-42cm
    Installation: Unscrew spike mount from spike spotlight and fit it onto the centre bush of the E4013B tree strap-on tree mount: tighten the lock nut against the hollow threaded section of the spike spotlight to secure it's position, especially if not being used to light straight downwards. Secure one end of a strap to one of the side stud fixings with the wing nut and washer supplied. Stretch the strap around the tree branch or trunk and slot the hole in the other end of the strap over the second stud, ensuring the chosen strap size provides a secure fit: secure the strap with the wing nut and washer supplied.
    Accessories: There is space inside the spotlight body to fit a 58mm honeycomb glare louvre or a clip-on MR16 Moonlighting (pale blue) colour filter accessory onto the front of the lamp.(for Compact spike spotlights only)
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  • Size 77 to 135cm length
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