Elipta Walkover Opal Frosted Recessed RGB 24v DC Uplight 250lm

Elipta Walkover Opal Frosted Recessed RGB 24v DC Uplight 250lm

Product No: E995RGBF

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Opal Walkover Light - 24v RGB LED - Stainless Steel with opal frosted lens
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  • The Elipta Walkover Opal Frosted Recessed Uplight creates striking lighting effects on walls, shrubs, small trees and low level architectural features. Using Red, Green and Blue LEDs these garden light fittings can be controlled to use individual colours or an array of colours, smoothly changing at different cycle speeds using Light Symphony Colour LED Controller or a DMX controller. The Opal Walkover RGB light provides a powerful 45° uplighting beam while maintaining a typical top lens temperature of under 40 degrees making it a good light for walkover areas.

    Colour / Finish :

    304 grade stainless steel top

    IP Rating :







    Cast aluminium body with Opal borosilicate glass lenses, stainless steel top ring and plastic soil sleeve


    Full RGB colour spectrum operated from Light Symphony Colour LED Controller or DMX Controller


    Direct burial in the ground: prewired with rubber cable and 20mm IP68 gland for connection to mains supply via a separate underground joint kit ( order T9969 separately). Provide 300mm depth of shingle drainage below the uplight: do not use in waterlogged ground.

    Using a single an RCD for large numbers of 240v fittings is not recommended due to the risk of nuisance tripping. We advise the use of separate RCD protection for each circuit and a maximum of 12 fittings per RCD. Where a garden lighting installation of more than 12 spike mount or recessed lights per circuit is proposed,  we suggest the installation of 12v units with transformers, which results in a significantly higher fault tolerance and reliability in the total installation. 


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