IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are the level of protection lights have against solid elements and liquids. They are an important factor to consider when choosing outdoor lights as they are the main way to assess the durability of the fitting.

IP ratings are made up of 2 numbers which both have a different level of protection. The first number represents the level of protection against solid objects, whereas the second number represents the protection level against moisture and water.

IP ratings

The most important thing to remember is the higher the IP rating, the better protection of the light. For example, if you wish to light from inside a pond or water feature you will need to use a light with an IP rating of IP68 such as the Elipta Micro Underwater Light. If you are looking to light around a water feature, where the light is placed inside the splash zone, or lights fitted into water logged areas, you should consider lights with a minimum IP rating of IP67 like the Elipta Modula Recessed light.

Lights placed in the garden where irrigation is used you should be using lights with a minimum IP rating of IP65 like the  Elipta Compact Spike Spotlight.

For other areas of the garden, such as pathways, patios and doorways, lights with a minimum rating of IP44 are safe to be used. Lights like the Elipta Microspot Up & Down Wall Light & Elipta Short Mushroom Light are both IP65 rated and ideal for lighting up any of these areas.

If you need any more help on choosing the right IP rated light for your garden, our helpful team are always on hand to help!