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These pages will help you to understand the appropriate garden lighting effects and the types of lamps and garden lights needed to achieve them. Remember that the garden lights themselves are only a means to an end - providing a weatherproof or waterproof housing which will hold the required lamp in the right position to do its job, and protect it against impact and the elements. So choosing the right lamp for the job is the first task, then choosing the light fitting to house it comes next - and that's the stage at which you can exercise your choice of a garden light which is small, discreet, recessed, adjustable, or in a material to suit your tastes or the requirements to blend with garden materials.

First you need to define your garden lighting needs by function - predominantly decorative effects highlighting features, trees, shrubs, water features and so on. But you may also need to consider path and step lighting for safety reasons and to guide visitors to your front door, wall lights for general illumination around the house, patio lighting for alfresco dining, barbecue lighting so you can see what you're cooking, and so on. This will also help you to define what you may want to connect to separate switches or circuits.

Decide on the features or areas you want to light and then read the guidance in the following pages. In turn you will be directed to products which can be used to achieve the lighting effects you require, or you can browse the Buyers Guide to learn more about choosing types of garden lights and the finishes available.