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Deck Lighting

Navigator Maxor - Copper - 12v - Warm White LED - Round  Miniature recessed stainless steel round white l.e.d. light for modern gardens and decking  Recessed stainless steel marker, driveway and path light for halogen lamps or leds  Navigator Eye - Spare Top - Stainless Steel  Lumini - Warm White 0.3w Deck Light With Frosted Lens

Do you mean putting lights into your decking or putting lighting down onto your deck? This page tells you about recessed deck lighting - the first option - look at the page on Patios and Terraces for other options. Deck lighting by installing lights in a deck is usually concerned with outlining the shape to create an illuminated pattern at night. Small, low power l.e.d. deck lights are the best - use deck lights with a frosted lens (to protect the led from scuffing and soften the sometimes piercing appearance l.e.d. can have within the fitting) and a chamfered edge so there is less to stub your toe on

Elipta's Navigator Minor are either good low power 12v miniature recessed deck lighting fittings or for many smaller deck applications. The light is 4000K white 0.3w l.e.d with a tiny power consumption and "cool touch" operation in an aluminium body with a 316 stainless steel top, which is a push fit into a 28mm diameter hole. To create a lighting pattern with Navigator Minor 

  • start by positioning lights near the corners of a (usually rectangular or octagonal) deck
  • continue by placing deck lights near each balustrade or pergola post to form a regular pattern
  • Complete the pattern by filling in with lights at 50-80cm spacings

L.E.D. wall lights complement recessed deck lightsFor larger or more sophisticated deck shapes, you may benefit from using a combination of different sizes of lights but still matching materials and appearance for the sake of continuity: Navigators are a family of fittings in stainless steel and natural copper - materials which suit most deck materials, whether they be hardwood, stained softwood or synthetic. Navigator Minor is also the type recommended as miniature step marker lights in step risers at spacings of 30-60cm. They are supplied with a recessed sleeve usually used for installation in paving and walls: for decking applications the sleeve is discarded and the spring clip on the body fits securely into a hole drilled in the deck boards. Navigator Minor can be teamed with the Navigator Mono deck light, which also comes in a white led. Navigator Mono provides higher impact uplighting when fitted around the perimeter of a deck, and can be used to highlight a walkway route across a deck or to frame a table location. The largest Navigator Maxor uses the latest 1w led's, which are bright enough for crosslighting deck steps if there is a flanking wall or board, as well as a higher power alternative around a large deck area or as a location marker highlighting an urn or column.

To create a lighting pattern with Navigator Mono or Maxor -

  • start by positioning lights near the corners of a (usually rectangular or octagonal) deck
  • continue by placing deck lights near each balustrade or pergola post to form a regular pattern
  • Complete the pattern by filling in with lights at 80-120cm spacings
  • Frame a table location @ 60-80cm spacings
  • Mark a walkway across a deck @ at 80-120cm spacings

Miniature led lights mark the steps up to the hot tub recessed in the deckNavigators can all be arranged in custom layouts using cable joint kits and 1.5mm cable supplied by the reel, which is more flexible than kit-type deck lighting products. The front bezel of all Navigator white l.e.d. deck lights can be removed to allow insertion of theatre colour gels for variety of deck lighting effect or warmer colour appearance.

Elipta's new Waymarkers provide a variation on this theme, using a recessed body set in the deck to throw light up onto a conical mirror set under a domed head to broadcast a corona of light around it. This is a very decorative effect which will typically provide a 1m pool of light using the MR16 led modules recommended to keep the lights cool in deck mounting applications. You can also use lights in flanking walls to throw splashes of light across the decking surface: the new Navigator Eye l.e.d steplight is a good choice as it is compatible with Navigator recessed lights

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