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Infrared Driveway Beam Master Sensor & Repeater

Infrared Driveway Beam Master Sensor & Repeater

Product No: LS30820DBS

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Infrared driveway beam, master sensor & repeater
  • Product Overview
  • This Infrared Driveway Beam Master Sensor & Repeater can wirelessly trigger a lighting zone for a set time when a person or vehicle interrupts the beam. This sensor can also be used to switch on a lighting circuit with pre-set brightness level, or trigger a circuit to full brightness for a set period.

    Colour/Finish:  Black sender / receiver units, semi-transparent ABS enclosure
    Construction: Tough, black ABS enclosure 
    IP Rating : IP66
    Input Voltage: 220 - 240v ac 50-60 Hz
    Range: 2-10m between sender and receiver - 1000m between control unit and other Lightsymphony devices
    Installation: Connection from the sender and receiver is via thin multi-core cable which is connected to the controller PCB via screw terminal blocks.  Main cable termination via glanded cable entry to three way terminal block.  
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