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Wireless PIR Motion Detector

Wireless PIR Motion Detector

Product No: LS30070PIR

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PIR Motion detector works with LIGHT SYMPHONY controllers to switch on groups of lights when movement is detected
  • Product Overview
  • The Wireless PIR sensor can be programmed to trigger the whole garden or an individual area for a pre-set time. Any number of PIRs can be installed together and will not over-ride the user's control or each other i.e. if the lights have been switched on manually, a triggered PIR will not switch them off again. It is mains powered for zero maintenance but transmits wirelessly to the Lighting Control Modules, base-station and signal repeaters. The PIR contains an adjustable 'dusk' sensor to prevent lighting triggers during the day.

    How to use it The PIR is factory configured to trigger the whole garden, outputs 1 and 2 in the above example, but can easily be re-programmed to control a specific area, see Programming below. If a Lighting Control Module's output is already on then the PIR is ignored, to prevent it over-riding the user's control. Similarly, if more then one PIR is installed, the Lighting Control Modules always respond to the PIR triggered last, preventing conflict and incorrect timing. The trigger-time, PIR sensitivity and dusk-level can all be adjusted from the underside.
    Range: 1000 metre wireless range line-of-site
    Control: Timed trigger for whole-garden or a selected area (scene), without over-riding circuits which have been manually switched on
    Size: 75 x 115 x 110mm
    RF: 434.075MHz Narrow Band FM.
    Coding: Security channels 1-16.
    Power: 230VAC,
    CE Compliance: EN220300, EN500811 To EN500821
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