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Elipta Navigator Maxor - Stainless Steel - 12v - Warm White LED - Round

Elipta Navigator Maxor - Stainless Steel - 12v - Warm White LED - Round

Product No: E3311WW

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Navigator Maxor is a low energy, high output l.e.d. deck and recessed light which consumes a small amount of power and stays cool to the touch.
  • Product Overview
  • The Elipta Navigator Maxor (stainless steel) 12v is a low energy, high output white LED deck and recessed light which uses a small amount of power and stays cool to the touch. The high output 1.5w white LED produces a wide 100° beam diffused by the 28mm diameter frosted lens. The Navigator Maxor is used either to mark out the shape of a deck, patio and terrace or to outline paths and to light steps. To outline a deck or patio space with a unique shape, begin at the corners of the decking or paving and place LED recessed garden lights at about 1 - 1.5m apart.

    Colour/Finish: Smart 316 grade stainless steel is a popular choice for modern garden settings
    IP Rating: IP65
    Lamp Type: 1w 2700K warm white LED
    Lumens: 101lm
    Construction: Long life high-output LED resin-encapsulated behind a frosted glass lens in a stainless steel case. The case has a spring mount which locates the light in a sleeve used to prepare positions in concrete, paving or walls.  Comes supplied with 1m H05RN two core cable. They can be recessed without the sleeve in decking sleeper walls and other materials using a 44mm hole saw. Diameter 60mm (sleeve 48mm; 44mm cutout without sleeve); recess depth 75mm.
    Input Voltage:

    12v 1.5w: NAVIGATORS should be powered by 12v dc power supply. Do not use an electronic transformer to power Navigator LED lights. If powering from a 12v ac wire-wound transformer, ensure transformer is loaded to at least 75% of nominal rating.

    Installation: Navigator lights can be arranged in custom layouts using cable joint kits and 1.5mm cable supplied by the reel, which is more flexible than kit-type products. Connect to end of a low voltage cable using T9962 cable joint kit; for splicing into a run of cable use T9963 cable splice kit. Supply from a magnetic transformer such as T9502 surface mount 20va or T2504 ground burial transformer, not an electronic transformer.
    Accessories: The top section of this l.e.d. light can be unscrewed to allow the insertion of theatrical coloured gels to enable you to customise your garden lighting system.
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