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Elipta Remote Controller for GL Series RGB Lights

Elipta Remote Controller for GL Series RGB Lights

Product No: GLMCL

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Handheld control for Plug&Play RGB spotlights and recessed lights
  • Product Overview
  • GLMCL is a hand-held remote control for Plug&Play RGB colour changing lights. To use the remote control, install RGB lights according to instructions supplied with them and switch on the supplyn circuit. Position the remote control within about 1.5m in direct line-of-sight to the lens(es) of the light(s) being controlled.

    On: Switch on with button 1. Use selection buttons according to mode of operation required below
    Colour changing: Use buttons 5-6 for changing or 7-8 for a smooth fade & transition between colours. (Colour change synchronization of several lights over an extended period of illumination is not possible)
    Colour selection: Use the coloured buttons (9) to select preferred colour as shown on the buttons
    White Light: Use button 10 to select white light
    Brightness: Use buttons in the yellow cone to adjust brightness
    Off  If the supply circuit is switched off instead of using the remote control button 2 to switch off, the same colour mode selection will automatically be selected when the supply circuit is switched on the next time. In this way the remote control can be used to set up a colour mode which is intended to be used repeatedly without having to select colour mode by using the remote control in line-of-sight to the RGB lights every time they are used.
    RGB lights:

    GRGB18W recessed light

    GLRGB18WS spotlight

    GLRGB6WS spotlight


    Remote Controller For GL Series RGB Lights

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