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Elipta Lumini Starter Kit

Elipta Lumini Starter Kit

Product No: GLWW03WKIT

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Starter kit of 5 recessed led lights for decking and paving
  • Product Overview
  • This is a starter kit of 5 small Lumini recessed decklights with a frosted lens and textured stainless steel top finish. It is designed for easy installation with the minimum of tools with Plug&Play transformers, connectors, extension cables and junction boxes. The 0.3w led provides a wide beam 5 lumen output through a frosted lens forsubtle outlining of decking areas. The Lumini starter kit is designed to connect the 5 lights in a line up to 1.8m apart and up to 0.8m from thetransformer to the first light: the transformer can be installed under the deckand plugged into a weatherproof socket. Up to 7 additional Lumini lights may beconnected to the 6va transformer in this starter kit

    IP rating

    Light: IP67 with IP44 cable connector

    Transformer: IP44


    304 Stainless steel body with spring locating clip and chamfered top with textured finish and frosted lens

    Light Input

    12v AC 0.5w max: requires power from a Plug&Play 6w transformer supplied which is capable of powering up to 12 Lumini deck lights

    Light source

    0.3w warm white 3000K led

    Light output

    5 lumens

    Beam angle

    120 degrees


    Lumini is fitted with one 1m long input cable with male IP44 2-pin input connector to plug into the Plug&Play transformer and one 1m long output cable with a female IP44 2-pin input connector into which can be plugged another Lumini in a line of up to 12 lights from this transformer. Plug&Play extension cable, connector or junction box accessories may be used to achieve custom layouts. Fits a 30mm hole drilled in decking.



    For use with Plug&Play transformers, connectors, extension cables and junction boxes.


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